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Sponsorship and Merchandising

Bungy Trampoline branding & promotional opportunities

The combined massive footfall exposure nationwide and the positive nature of this leisure experience really offer up a huge opportunity.

The combination of shopping centre portfolio, tourist/leisure sites and an extensive bluechip corporate client list offer a broad scope of opportunity to promote and advertise a plethora of different products/services. Direct immediate access to the ‘perfect demographic’ marketplace is guaranteed.

Not only is there a full branding offer here but a databasing, sampling and merchandising opportunity is also available.

The obvious multiple advantages that the whole concept brings lends the bungy trampoline perfectly to a branding experience and an advertisers dream.

Jumpzone has just completed to the 2005 Muller Rice National Roadshow – a full-on Muller Rice branded promotional roadshow in which our bungy units toured the UK at external sites throughout the year promoting Muller’s new fruit-flavoured rice yoghurt products. This was a big success and similar projects will be taken up next year. We have also just completed a campaign for Adidas in Japan in keeping with that company’s “impossible is nothing” strapline.

Jumpzone Japan has also just promoted the all-action movie ‘Kung Fu Hustle’.

We have just been paid and completed a summer season with a fully branded 1-in-1 bungy trampoline unit advertising Hastings Festival Shopping Centre.

The potential for fully branding the units and promoting within the shopping centre portfolio or, as in Muller’s case externally, is clear.

Most centres have given permission for Jumpzone to brand and promote as they please. Furthermore, sampling can be undertaken and databases collated if required.

All in all, an attractive proposition for an intended sponsor/leisure company/purchaser

Attract media for maximum exposure

Jumpzone has always been a focus of media attention and a high media profile, regularly appearing in film, television and national press publications.

TV work includes BBC’s Blue Peter (the year’s highlights), ITV’s Quick Trick, Channel 4’s The Dating Game and many appearances on daytime TV and news programmes.

The concept featured in the major opening scene of Tombraider the Movie and, last year, Jumpzone was hired and used for three days by the director of The Graduate (Mike Nichols) to appear in his recent movie ‘Closer’.

Jumpzone has also appeared in numerous national press and magazine publications and interviews. Call or e-mail now for ideal media opportunites.

Jumpzone Merchandising Opportunities

Many merchandising opportunities exist alongside the JUMPZONE experience.

Using the latest in digital technology, a whole range of branded sale items are created within minutes of the customers jump – presently T Shirts, mousepads, keyrings and framed photographs.

The market is growing steadily and provides for sponsors to include their own branding.

If you would like to contact Jumpzone about merchandising opportunities please click the e-mail link below:

Bungy trampoline branding & sponsorship ideas

Bungy Trampoline branding & promotional opportunities

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