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About Jumpzone

The original Bungy Trampoline and Big Air Reverse Bungy rides

Jumpzone are a British-based company who have set the benchmark throughout the UK for the ‘bungy trampoline’ concept.

Our inception seventeen years ago as operators of such sports rides has led us to not only manage and promote bungy rides but manufacture these bungy trampoline units too.

Jumpzone operate throughout the UK and are available for corporate hire and sponsorship opportunities.

All of our bungy trampoline units are designed and constructed in the UK using the highest quality materials and comply to all relevant UK health and safety legislation, sp you and your customers will be safe whenever they are with Jumpzone.

We also sell our bungy trampoline units and provide spare parts for similar bungy operations and individuals.

Jumpzone staff

Jumpzone staff are trained to the highest standards, with particular emphasis on health and safety. At least one member of staff – trained in first aid – is present at every Jumpzone event. All staff are supplied with uniform brandishing the Jumpzone logo, or with our sponsors logos.Much of our staff have travelled the country and indeed Europe and are trained to be courteous in several languages!


Where we are appearing

Jumpzone are the first company to bring the bungy trampoline concept to the shores of the UK.

We have seasonal units located on prime seafront sites in Brighton, Bournemouth and Weymouth and our high profile means we are often to be found at other coastal sites during the summer. We have catered for the tourist industry inland and have operated for a few seasons at Covent Garden and the London Eye.

Jumpzone has a vast portfolio of shopping centre venues that include Lakeside, The MK Centre, East Kilbride, The Shires, The Oracle, The Queensgate and will next be appearing at the venues below. Click any of the images to enlarge and get a closer look at the bungy experience!


Bungy Trampoline Hire

Bungy Jump hire, fully staffed bungy trampoline units corporate events and private parties.

Buy Bungy Trampoline Units

Buy complete bungy trampoline units, we offer a complete package, 4-in-1 and 1-in-1 bungy trampoline units

Buy Bungy Trampoline Spare Parts

Bungee spare parts available to customers Worldwide. Extensive range of ropes, cords, winches, motors, cables

Our Corporate Clients

Our Corporate Clients