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Jumpzone the UK’s Original Bungy Trampoline – setting the standards


Jumpzone Bungy Trampoline was established in 1999 in Brighton. Setting the benchmark in the UK sport and leisure scene with the elasticised bungy trampoline, Jumpzone fever suddenly hit the streets.

Jumpzone also manufacture and sell complete bungy trampolines units, as well as bungy trampoline spare parts, winches, pullies and motors, all manufactured in the UK to the highest safety standards.

Jumpzone bungy trampoline hire to many global brands for experiential marketing, brand experience events, roadshows and product launches. We also Bungy hire our bungy tramopline units for private parties, agency functions or corporate days out through out the UK.

The UK’s first Bungy Trampoline Company


Jumpzone not only manage and promote bungy trampoline rides but manufacture and sale all bungy trampoline units including the Big Air reverse bungy.

All of our bungy trampoline units are designed and constructed in the UK using the highest quality materials and comply to all relevant UK health and safety legislation, so you and your customers will be safe whenever they are using Jumpzone Bungy Trampolines.

We also sell our bungy trampoline units, you can buy Bungee Trampoline 4 in 1, Bungee Trampoline 1 in 1 and Bungee Trampoline mobile unit. Special prices available, we also a select of used units to buy. These units are also available to rent, including the Big Air Bungy Trampoline.

We supply an extensive range of Bungee Spare parts for similar bungy operations and individuals, Bungee cord, Bungee rope, Bungee Trampoline, Bungee Tramopline Winch, Cables and Buckles, Harness, and much more…

Bungy Trampoline Hire

Bungy Jump hire, fully staffed bungy trampoline units corporate events and private parties.

Buy Bungy Trampoline Units

Buy complete bungy trampoline units, we offer a complete package, 4-in-1 and 1-in-1 bungy trampoline units

Buy Bungy Trampoline Spare Parts

Bungee spare parts available to customers Worldwide. Extensive range of ropes, cords, winches, motors, cables

Our Corporate Clients

Our Corporate Clients